Adult Bible Classes


Standard® Lesson Quarterly
KJV Adult Bible Class LP Fall 2014

This class continues in a study using a book from Standard Publishing Company.  This series is from the books of:  Daniel, Matthew, Acts, Ephesians, 1 Timothy, and James


A book is provided for this class and lessons are also available in the “Lookout” Magazine available from the Guest Services Desk.
This class is facilitated by Bill King.


“Book of Hebrews”
There is a question about the authorship of Hebrews since the writer chose to remain anonymous.  It is believed to have been written prior to AD 70, there is little doubt as to its authenticity and validity as part of the Holy Scripture.  Hebrews (13 Chapters) presents (1) A New and Living Way, through the Superiority of Christ; (2) A New and Living Faith, through a Superior Promise and Faith; (3) A New and Living Love.
This class is facilitated by Wayne Rackley.



“Gospel of Matthew”


In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus is presented to the Jews as the long-awaited Messiah through a carefully selected series of Old Testament quotations, his genealogy, baptism, messages, and miracles.  Matthew (the author) documents Jesus Christ's claim to be the messiah and His victory over death.  

This class is facilitated by Barry Pond.




The Book of Revelation is the most difficult book in the Bible to follow and understand but in our class, we will lay out the time line of events in chronological order making them easy to understand and follow. We will also discover the meaning of the events and explain the rapture, the seven-year tribulation period, the second coming of Christ, the Millennial Kingdom and Gods eternal plan for both sinners and the saved.


Come study and learn the book of Revelation and unlock the mystery and the events that will lead up to the “End of Times” in a casual and fun study.


This class is facilitated by Pastor Ray Westman

"A Bible Study on Ephesians
---- for Women"
This study will not only help you understand the book of Ephesians, but also learn an easy Bible study method that can be used for all books of the Bible.  We will be using our Bibles for this study.
This about this.....
  • How does one obtain wisdom?
  • How will you as a mother or grandmother explain the gospel to your children/grandchildren?
  • How will you instruct them in the study of the Bible?I look forward to deviling into the scriptures and discussing the Book of Ephesians with you...............   Sharon Lombardo, Facilitator