We’re thrilled you’re taking some time to visit Christ’s Church through our website. You may be looking to learn a little bit about who we are as a family of believers or searching for details on some activities. Whatever the case, make yourself at home while you peruse the site–we’ve packed it with information just for you. As you look around, do us one simple favor: be sure to call us if you have any questions or comments. Our phone number is (352) 861-6182. We’re happy to help. May God bless your day!


Sunday School    9:30 am             Worship Service      10:30 am

Children & Adult Bible Classes – Sunday – 9:30 am
Worship Service – Sunday – 10:30 am
Fellowship of Christian Artists – Monday – 9:00 am  (West Building)
Small Group – Monday – 10:30 am  (Chapel)
DOERS Men’s Bible Study – Monday – 6:30 pm  (Chapel)
“Stitches from the Heart”  (Women’s Crafts) – Tuesday – 9:30 am
(West Building)
Bible Study – Wednesday – 4:00 pm  (Chapel)
Choir Rehearsal – Thursday – 5:00 pm
Worship Team Rehearsal – Thursday – 6:15 pm
Sharing Hope Preparation – Friday – 9:30 am
6768 SW 80th Street
Ocala, Florida  34476