RESUMES Wednesday, August 16
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Meal Service Begins at 5:30 pm
Classes begin at 6:00 pm
Cost of meal is $3.00 per person or $10.00 per family (payable at the door)
Reservations are Requested by:
  • Signing Connection Card on Sunday;
  • Signing up at the Registration Center in the Church Foyer or
  • Contacting the Church Office at 352-861-6182

The Chosen – Season 3

(Greg Boynak & Phil Poulos)

A video series on the life of Christ from the disciple‚Äôs point of view.  This content is intended to be watched like a TV series for the purpose of giving a different perspective of Jesus.  After you watch the episode, the elder team will lead and facilitate a Biblical discussion. 

This class will meet in the Chapel.


Introduction to Christianity

and the Church 101

(Dr. Ray Hawkins)

For the first six weeks (August 16 through September 20) of this quarter we will look at the foundational characteristics of the church and our faith including the structure, leadership, mission and meaning here at Christ’s Church.  If you have ever wondered why we do some of the things we do, this may be a good start for you (whether you are a new attendee/visitor or a long term member).