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You don’t have to be a small person to be a part of a Small Group. It’s usually 8 or 10 people who get together once a week in one of the persons’ homes to create relationships, study God words and build friendships that are long lasting. As we grow as a church, participation in a Small Group gives individuals a sense of identity, the feeling of belonging and the opportunity to use their special God given gifts to help others in the group. Groups help each other through times of tribulation and trials and through times of great joy. Your group is your personal Church Family, always there for you, ready to help and a part of your life.
Leading a Small Group in your neighborhood there is a good chance that you will find some of your neighbors will want to know about it and become involved. This gives your group the ability to reach out, make Disciples in His name and eventually lead them to the Cross or to the Church. It’s a great way to fulfill the Great Commission given to us by Jesus. (Matthew 28: 18-20)
Why be a part of a Small Group? You will build your faith as you read, study and learn the Bible and learn about the others in the Group. Small Groups keep us accountable to each other and if one falls they are there to get them back on track.
You don’t need to be a Bible Scholar to lead a Small Group, Pastor Ray will give you all the materials you need. You just need to want to talk to people about your God and what he means to you. It is people teaching people, reaching out to others, learning about the Bible and God all at the same time, all in the same place and making friendships that last and last. That’s a Small Group.
Contact Small Groups Pastor Ray Westman, if you would like to host a group or be involved in one.
Did you listen to Pastor David’s sermon on Sunday and want to discuss it further?
Join Ed Conerty for a Small Group that will parallel the message.