Adult Bible Classes


Facilitated by:  Jeff O’Cull 
Co-Facilitator:  Terry Clark
  This class continues in a study using a book from Standard Publishing Company.  This series is from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts,
Romans, 1 Corinthians, and Hebrews
A book is provided for this class and lessons are also available in the “Lookout” Magazine
available from the Guest Services Desk.
Facilitated by: Rich Smith
  • Paul’s PURPOSE in writing Romans:  To reveal that salvation is offered through the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.
  • The primary THEME of the Book of Romans:  To reveal God’s righteousness in His plan for salvation
  • The enduring RESULT of the Book of Romans:  To provide the clearest presentation of what it is to be a Christian in all of Scripture
You will learn about:
  • Paul the Apostle
  • The early church & the believers in Rome
  • The power of God’s grace to miraculously and completely change lives
  • The importance of following the direction of the Holy Ghost in all you do.
Facilitated by: Ed Conerty
Join us as we take a special look at FAITH based on the book of Hebrews.   This will be an
in-depth Bible Study with class participation.