Adult Bible Classes


Facilitated by Bill King

This class continues in a study using a book from Standard Publishing Company.  This series is from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts, and Romans. 

A book is provided for this class and lessons are also available in the “Lookout” Magazine available from the Guest Services Desk.
"Jesus.... Through the Eyes of a Gentile"
Facilitated by Ed Conerty
In this class we will see how Dr. Luke,  (author of the Gospel of Luke) investigates and reports on the coming of the Messiah to both the Jews and Gentiles.
When God sends you - JUST GO - because.....
(This Class will conclude on Sunday, April 21.)
Facilitated by:  Sharon Lombardo
This class is for Women Only
"Wherever you are in your spiritual walk, God will find a way to speak to you in a way you will understand."
This study using Priscilla Shirer's book takes this very important spiritual discipline and makes it simple without making it commonplace.
"Do you really think He loved you enough to die for you, but not enough to talk to you?"
  • Then why don't we hear Him?
  • What keeps us from recognizing Him?
  • How can we know when He is speaking?
(This class will conclude on Sunday, April 21.)
Facilitated by:  Barry Pond
An 18-week overview of Paul's Magnum Opus, his letter to the Romans.  Arguably the single greatest book in the Bible.
Martin Luther said, "This letter is truly the most important piece of the New Testament.  It is the purest gospel and well worth a Christians' while to memorize it and to occupy themselves with it daily."
John Calvin said, "When anyone understands this Epistle, he has a passage open to him to understanding the whole of scripture.  It is the compendium of Christian doctrine."
Bring your questions as we review Paul's masterpiece.
(This class will conclude on Sunday, April 21.)
Facilitated by:  Pastor Ray Westman
The Book of Revelation is the most difficult book in the Bible to follow and understand, but in our class we will lay out the timeline of events in chronological order making them easy to understand and follow.  We will also discover the meaning of the events and explain the rapture, the seven year tribulation period, the second coming of Christ, the Millennial Kingdom, and God's eternal plan for both sinners and the saved.
Come study and learn the book of Revelation and unlock the mystery and the events that will lead up to the "End of Times" in a causal and fun study.
New Classes Beginning May 5
"Calm My Anxious Heart"
Facilitated by: Lu Waas
(This Class is for Women Only)
If you're tired of worrying about all the "what ifs" in your life and want to experience the peace and contentment promised in Scripture, you will want to join the women in this class.  Be blessed as we learn about God's teaching on how to "Calm Your Anxious Heart".
This class will utilize a book entitled "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow.  The book may be purchased at a cost of $12.00 through the CCOMC Office.  Registration for the class is requested by contacting the church office.
"Book of Acts"
Facilitated by: Rich Smith
We will rejoice in the outpouring of
the Holy Spirit and we will marvel at the development of the early Church. 
Acts brings the Gospel to the nations. 
Prepare to be awed!
"Book of James"
Facilitated by: Darrell Riemer
Let's talk about James.
What he said  - and why!
Let's talk about how we should live - and why!