Adult Bible Classes
Discover life beyond casual Christianity with Priority Ministries’ Bible study, “Are You a Disciple?” by Laurie Cole.  The truth is, all disciples are Christians, but all Christians are not disciples.  And Jesus wants you to be both.  This in-depth Bible study helps individuals and groups discover the difference between Christianity and discipleship with practical insights straight from the pages of God’s Word.
A disciple is a follower.”  “Are You a Disciple?” will help you discover:
  • The difference between Christianity and discipleship
  • How to know if you’re a Christian
  • How to know if you’re a disciple
  • The 7 characteristics of causal Christians
  • The 7 distinctives of devoted disciples
  • How to become a disciple who makes disciples
Facilitated by:  Jessica Tan
(This group is known as “God’s Gals”)
“From Darkness to Light”
Teachers: Terry Clark & Phill Drake
 This class continues in a study using a book from Standard Publishing Company. 

“Bringing Right into a World Gone Wrong…

It’s Nothing New!”

Teacher:  Ray Hawkins

This class, which is open to all adults, will take the book of

1 Corinthians and discover that bringing order and structure into our church, families, and our world is not a new struggle.  We will begin with the organization of the New Testament church and how it has developed over time, and then we will discuss each issue confronted by Paul in this letter to a church who had a LOT of…well, issues!  We will share real struggles and real answers to those presented.


If  it ever seems to you there is more evil in the world than good and that the bad guys are winning, the Book of Revelation is for you.  It’s a book of hope; its central message is that God and good will win over evil, no matter how bad things look now.
Be of good cheer, the world is not falling apart – it is falling into place.


Greg Boynak & Rich Smith