Adult Bible Classes
“Living with Passion and Purpose”
Facilitated by:  Jessica Tan
(This group is known as “God’s Gals”)
Focusing on Jesus’ teachings and the principles He lived by, this study of the book of Luke helps women know Him more intimately. Ladies will explore:
  • the lives of New Testament women who knew and ministered to Jesus
  • the passion and purpose of Jesus’ life
  • the powerful prayer life of Jesus
  • the servanthood practiced by Jesus
  • the prophecies regarding Jesus and how He fulfilled them
With gentle encouragement and solid Bible teaching, Living Life with Passion and Purpose reveals how women can become more like Jesus in their daily lives and joyfully share the gospel.
“Celebrating God”
Co-Teachers:  Jeff O’Cull & Terry Clark
  This class continues in a study using a book from Standard Publishing Company.  This series is from the books of Exodus, 2 Samuel, Psalms,
Mark, Acts, and Revelation.
“Study of 1 & 2 Peter” 
Teacher: Rich Smith
Join us, as we become familiar with Peter:  The brash, often impulsive fisherman; called into Discipleship by Jesus, as he and his brother (Andrew) were casting their nets, in the waters of the Sea of Galilee.
Jesus called him Cephas:  Aramaic for ‘Rock’.
Throughout Christ’s ministry, Peter was His most controversial follower:
  • Usually took ‘center stage’ among the Faithful
  • Verbalized what everyone else was quietly thinking
  • Along with James and John was closest to Christ Jesus
  • Usually mentioned first in any life of the original 12
  • Prominent throughout the Gospels and Acts
  • At Pentecost, stepped up to be a “pillar of the church”
After studying Peter, the extraordinary man, we will embark on an expository, verse-by-verse study of First and Second Peter.