Meal Service Begins at 5:00 pm
Classes begin at 6:00 pm
Cost of meal is $3.00 per person or $10.00 per family (payable at the door)
Reservations are Requested by:
  • Signing Connection Card on Sunday;
  • Signing up at the Registration Center in the Church Foyer or
  • Contacting the Church Office at 352-861-6182
Dinner Menu
Wednesday – March 29
Soup & Sandwich
Wednesday – April 5
Chicken Pot Pie
Chef Salad

The Chosen – Season 2 

(Greg Boynak & Phil Poulos)

A video series on the life of Christ from the disciple’s point of view.  This content is intended to be watched like a TV series for the purpose of giving a different perspective of Jesus.  After you watch the episode, the elder team will lead and facilitate a Biblical discussion. 

This class will meet in the Chapel.


“Why Do You Believe

All That Crazy Stuff?”

  (Dr. Terry Clark & Dr. Rich Smith)

In an age when Christians need to be able to explain why we believe what we believe, we are often reluctant to engage in conversations or discussions about  the reasonableness of our faith.  In an age of enlightenment, how can we really believe in the existence of a supernatural Being who does supernatural stuff – who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent?  Doesn’t science teach us to doubt things which cannot be proved by empirical means?  Isn’t it silly to believe in things like Noah’s ark, the miracles, raising dead people to be alive again, seeing visions and hearing voices?   Can we PROVE the existence of God?   Why do we believe all that crazy stuff?  Join us on Wednesday nights to get a grip on our reasons for faith and be able to share that in ways that are reasonable and intelligent. 

This class will meet in the Worship Center.


(Dr. Ray & Dr. Rhonda Hawkins)

Setting Healthy and Appropriate Boundaries – learning how to help and serve others while also taking care of yourself.  Saying “yes” to some requests and saying “no” to others is a skill we need to all learn.  Join us and we will study biblical standards as well as emotional ones.

This class will meet in Classroom #5



(Phill & Melita Drake)

Do you know The best way to live a BETTER life?”

This study from a mysterious book in the New Testament will answer that question.  A book is provided for the class.

This class will meet in Classroom #4.